The building industry is in the midst of a revolution.

There is little doubt that BIM, Integrated Design, and the other technologies that go along with it are here to stay and are the future of the AEC industry.  Architects and engineers have seen the benefits of increased coordination, better client communication and visualization, and decreased production schedules.  Contractors are enjoying decreased costs and fewer job site problems.  Owners are seeing this and beginning to demand these services and methods.  The end result?  We stand at the brink of a revolution in the building industry.

Yet many firms are struggling with when and how to implement BIM into their workflows.

They are understandably wary of changing their known workflows to a new way of doing business.  Revolution Design was founded to help!  Not only does Stephen have a personal track record of successfully implementing BIM workflows, developing standards and content, and bringing firms into the exciting world of BIM, he is also a registered architect who has used BIM systems for many years to successfully complete a broad range of projects.