View Rename

See viewRename on Project Chronicle.

Tired of looking through default view names like ‘Section 1’, ‘Section 2’, and ‘Elevation 1-a’ to try and find the view you were looking for? Have you ever looked for ‘Ceiling Plan – First Floor’ only to find it at the bottom of the project browser because someone didn’t read their standards and named it ‘RCP – First Floor’? viewRename is your answer!

View naming standards are extremely helpful when used, but too often users are in too much of a hurry to worry about renaming views and doing it properly.


With viewRename, you simply set up your office standard naming conventions for various view types when you first set the program up and views are named by the standard automatically, no mess, no hassle and no lost views!

Existing views can also be renamed to match the standard with two quick clicks!

  • Set the office standard once and follow it effortlessly.
  • Set a different standard for various types of elevations, sections, and callouts.
  • No more lost views or generic view names.
  • Update existing views to the standard in 2 clicks.
  • Set View Template automatically
  • Use Instant Updater option to name views immediately on creation

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