Finish Floors

Have you ever wanted to model floor finishes in Revit but didn’t want to spend the time creating floors in every room?

finishFloors can create floors for just a few rooms or every room in your project in just a few clicks, automatically coordinated with your finish schedule!

Just tell finishFloors what floor types to create for each finish code and which rooms need floors and they will be automatically generated with the correct floor type, offset by their thickness so that they will sit on top of the structural floor. Floors generated by finishFloors are linked to rooms, so if the room boundary or finish ever change updating the finish floor is one button click away!

  •  Automatically map finish codes from the finish schedule to floor types and generate finish floors coordinated with the finish schedule.
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  • Save your standard finish code mapping and settings will be automatically loaded.
  • Finish floors automatically sit on the top of the structural floor.
  • Finish Floors can have automatic thresholds created at doorways extending to the center of frame, face of frame, or no thresholds at all.
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  •  When finishes or room boundaries change, existing floors update instantly and automatically.
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  • Pre-select rooms to focus on a single area or select nothing to work with all rooms in the project.
  •  Use ‘Floors by Click’ to generate floors one at a time with a single click, just like Revit ceilings. Click For Video Example

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