Quality control is vital to a good set of construction documents and proper dimensioning is vital when communicating a design layout to the contractor. Items that are not properly located can cost time and money in RFI’s or costly re-do’s when someone on site decides they know ‘about where it should go’.

dimensionCheck is designed to quickly identify objects that are not properly located to avoid unnecessary errors.

  • Select a category or set of categories and find all elements in the current view that are not currently dimensioned.
  • Quickly locate one or more non-dimensioned elements using the show button to determine where the dimension should be placed or if one is necessary.
  • Search only the current view, or all sub-views as well (i.e. enlarged plans).
  • Non-modal interface allows you to find non-dimensioned elements, place the dimension, and then move to the next element without closing the UI.
  • Non-dimensioned element list is updated as you work.

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