Auto Link

One of the Revit’s greatest strengths in the realm of documentation is the automatic coordination of view callout tags and the views’ actual detail location. Change the detail number on a sheet and all view tags that reference that view update automatically. However, Revit has no similar ability with generic annotations, text, keynotes, or scheduled parameters… until now!

autoLink allows you to reference views from parameters, text notes, or keynotes*, simply by typing the view reference. References are updated automatically when the reference changes.

autoLink also allows you to reference views from external linked files; whenever the location of that view changes the link is updated automatically, no coordination necessary!

  • Reference views with a simple annotation symbol or inside any text parameter.
  • Reference views from standard Revit text notes.
  • Update links automatically when a view is moved.
  • Fully customizable autoLink symbols and parameters.

*Linking inside of keynotes requires both autoLink and Keynote Manager


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