Sometimes we like our drawings all neat and tidy and in their place.

alignViews will perfectly align your viewports on sheets so they look purposely placed as you look through your construction documents.

No more drawing diagonal lines at the edge of your sheet to get your Floor Plans to align as you move from sheet to sheet. With alignViews, the Legends and Floor Plan views(including RCPs and Area plans) will always look their best. With alignViews you can also:

  • Place legends on sheets that currently do not have them, perfectly aligned to similar legends on other sheets.
  • Pre-select multiple legends to place and align on multiple sheets.
  • Title blocks can be accidentally moved from their default placement but will still align on the sheet properly.
  • Other view types can be aligned including 3D views, sections and elevations {Beta} These view types have variable origin locations and therefore may not always function as expected, please use caution when aligning these view types.

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