Keynote Palette (Plus Only)

Keynote Manager Plus gives the user access to the keynote palette within Revit. This palette places the ease of editing provided by Keynote Manager directly into Revit.

  • Edit keynote files directly within Revit.
  • Palette can be flipped, expanded / collapsed, resized, moved, or hidden at will. All settings are remembered from session to session.
  • Automatically loads the correct keynote file for the current active Revit project and switches files when the active project is changed.
  • Automatically updates key values in open Revit projects when a key value changes to avoid broken keynotes.
  • Keynotes display if they are used in the current project or not. Click one button to list and/or show all elements using a specific keynote.
  • Access to predefined ‘Used’ and ‘Unused’ search tabs.
  • Apply a keynote to selected Revit elements with the click of a button.

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