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If you are getting a lot of false positives in autoLink (and getting popups that say ‘this looks like a link…’) try making your link pattern more specific. The smaller the range of values that match the pattern the less likely you are to get false positives. If you always use a 2 digit view number and a 4 digit sheet number (like A1/A100) using the pattern ##/#### will create far less false positives than #***/#*****.*****, although both would match the numbering system.
Revolution Design | Revit workFlow 5.2 | autoLink | 2016-10-13
Use finishFloors to fill out your schedule automatically. Just use floors by click to create floor objects in plan views and as long as your code map is filled out your schedule will be filled out as you create floors! As an alternate, you can fill out your finish schedule with proper codes and then tell finishFloors to use the code map to create floors in every room in the project!
Revolution Design | Revit workFlow 5.2 | finishFloors | 2016-10-13
autoLink can use ANY parameter to create view links. This means you can create dummy section and detail references and autoLink can keep them correct just like normal section and detail tags (even in linked files!). You can also link door and window details and keep your schedules correct.
Revolution Design | Revit workFlow 5.2 | autoLink | 2016-10-13