Note: This single installer may be used for both Keynote Manager Basic and Keynote Manager + as well as the cloud console and cloud connector.

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Keynote Manager is available in two versions; Keynote Manager Basic and Keynote Manager Plus. For a comparison of the features of each version see the feature comparison page.

Keynote Manager allows a free 30 day trial period. To activate a trial simply download, install, and activate with the pre-loaded key.

These installers are valid for both trial and paid versions. Your purchased activation key unlocks the permanent license.

Cloud Connector

This installer also includes an option to install as Cloud Connector.  Cloud Connector is for creating a read only connection to Keynote Cloud Server; it should be used for users that need to work on Revit models that use Keynote Cloud but do not need to edit keynotes. Cloud Connector requires a cloud license when running but does not require a regular Keynote Manager license.

If you need to purchase either standard licenses or cloud seats you can head directly to the
purchase page.