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User Feedback

Keynote Manager is used by architects, engineers, designers, and specifiers all over the world. Here are some quotes from users:

EUA has been using the Keynote Manager since 2009. Our teams love the tool and it has given us the ability to integrate keynoting into our workflow much deeper than without it. I actually don't think we could live without it! I also can't say enough for the prompt updates, fixes and new releases that we've received to meet our specific requirements.
Tony I. - eppstein uhen: architects

Keynote Manager is an excellent tool for our BIM projects. It helps to keep our keynotes concise, organized and accurate. The simplicity of the software makes it easy to use for employees of all experience levels. Revolution Design has great customer service that has responded to our every question and concern. FFKR Architects recommends Keynote Manager be used on all of our projects.
Eric T. - FFKR Architects

Our company uses keynoting extensively in our BIM projects; this tool facilitates the process of creating and managing an office wide keynote database that ties directly with our office master specification. A terrific feature of the software is that it writes new keynotes to the database immediately after they are edited or created. Use this product daily. Thanks!
Steve S. - JRS Architect, P.C.

Keynote Manager has allowed us to manage Keynotes in Revit a breeze. We previously used a similar in-house product for AutoCAD, and Keynote Manager made our transition to Revit seamless.
We have worked with the developer for the past 2+ years and suggested new features or submitted bug reports. These changes were implemented or bugs fixed within a relatively short period.
Keynote Manager is a crucial component in the documentation process of our Revit projects.
Nauman M. - GBBN Architects, Inc.

Keynote Manager has enabled me to organize and manipulate a tremendous amount of information; something that the Revit programmers forgot. Perhaps they took a look at Keynote Manager and decided they couldn't do any better. Thanks for making my life easier.
John B. - J.W. Smith Design Group, LLC

Thank you.  This product is a real benefit to our workflow.  The features are terrific and we expect to see real benefit long term with general adoption throughout our offices.  Do not think we will ever go back to editing Keynotes any other way.
Ann L. - LPA, Inc.

We have used the Keynote Manager for other 4 years here at DG.  It is a wonderful asset in our software tool set... When I showed everyone the new features of 12.5 and how well it integrated with Revit they were very excited.  It’s one of those, “Revit should just do this!” 
Bruce G. - The Hartman + Majewski Design Group

Industry Highlights

In addition to direct user feedback, Keynote Manager has been featured and reviewed in many industry publications:

Keynote Manager is mentioned in the keynoting section of the book Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture.

Keynote Manager has been featured on several industry blogs:


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