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Click for Video Example Simple Keynote File Editing

Keynote Manager InterfaceRevit's keynote system is a powerful way to integrate data into Revit families, reduce errors, and streamline documentation. The text files, though, are cumbersome and difficult to work with.

Keynote Manager was created to provide a simple, efficient interface to edit keynote files.


Click for Video Example Comment & Markup

Keynote Manager CommentingRevit keynote text files provide no ability for managers to mark up or comment on keynotes.

With Keynote Manager's comment and markup system, comments can be added to any keynote and the history of the comment is tracked automatically.


Click for Video Example Info Link

File LinkingKeynotes can be linked to external documents or web locations and those documents can be opened from Keynote Manager.

Files will be opened in their default editor and web locations will be opened in the default browser.



Click for Video Example Keynote Palette (Plus Only)

Keynote PaletteKeynote Manager Plus gives the user access to the keynote palette within Revit. This palette places the ease of editing provided by Keynote Manager directly into Revit.


Click for Video Example Keynote Watcher (Plus Only)

Keynote Watcher NotificationKeynote Watcher is an add in to Revit that monitors keynote files and notifies users of changes to the file.



Standards and Quality Control

Keynote Manager SettingsKeynote Manager allows a degree of quality control and standards enforcement not available in other editors, further reducing errors and increasing productivity.



Backup Files

Keynote Manager BackupEveryone knows the frustration of losing data or an entire file due to either human or computer error.

Keynote Manager's distributed backup system ensures that if anything happens to a keynote file there will be a recent backup that can be restored and most if not all of your work saved.

Easy Deployment & Licensing

For users with large numbers of installations, it is desirable to avoid the need to visit every computer to configure settings and activate the license. Keynote Manager uses a simple settings and licensing system designed specifically for such situations. For deployment instructions see the deployment page.

Tracking & Reporting

Keynote Manager tracks some basic, non-personal data for use in our marketing and analysis of program usage. The following information is reported to Revolution Design:

You may also view a sample report here.