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Feature Comparison

  Keynote Manager
Keynote Manager
HelpSimple Intuitive Keynote File Editing Yes Yes
HelpComment and Markup Yes Yes
HelpLink to External Documents or Web Pages Yes Yes
HelpAutomatic Distributed Backup Yes Yes
HelpMulti-User Capability Yes Yes
HelpSpell Check Yes Yes
HelpPortable License Support Yes Yes
HelpStandalone Application Included Yes Yes
HelpRevit Integrated Application Included   Yes
HelpKeynote Palette   Yes
HelpRevit Key Value Synchronization   Yes
HelpApply Keynotes to Revit Elements   Yes
HelpView Keynotes by use in Project   Yes
HelpKeynote Watcher   Yes





Keynotes on the palette designate if they are used in the current model or not. Search tabs can also be set to filter by used or unused keynotes.
Apply keynotes to selected Revit elements with a single button from the Keynote Palette.
Keynote Watcher notifies the user of any changes to keynote files for open Revit projects immediately.

Keynote Watcher also warns the user if they are about to print from a file that has keynote changes and allows them to cancel the print.
Revit uses the key value to locate keynotes in the file so when a key value is changed it can break the association to Revit elements.

With Keynote Manager Plus, when a key change is made from the keynote palette key value parameters are automatically updated in all open Revit projects.
Edit keynotes in a palette interface directly from within Revit. Keynote palette automatically loads the correct file or files for all open Revit documents.
The Revit integrated application allows Keynote Manager to interact with Revit directly and allows functions like the next 3 items listed.
Keynote Manager standalone application is a Windows based program. It can edit multiple files at the same time and run on a machine that does not have Revit installed.
Portable licenses allow a pool of licenses to be shared between multiple machines. Licenses are checked out and returned as they are used rather than being tied to a specific machine.
Check spelling in the keynote file using Revit's built in dictionaries, a custom dictionary, or both!
Multiple users can work on the same file at the same time using Keynote Manager's automatic save mode.*

*Note that this mode is not the default and must be enabled via the settings menu.
Backups are automatically saved on each users computer, nearly guaranteeing that a recent backup will be present in case of file issues.
Link keynotes to manufacturer web pages, specification documents, photos, or other external data files.

Links are displayed and can be opened directly on Keynote Manager Interface.
Comment on keynotes, track changes to comments by user name, and mark comments as complete.
Edit keynote text files in an organized tree view with simple intuitive commands like drag and drop, double click to edit, automatic numbering, automatic casing, and more.