Are your products compatible with Revit LT?

Unfortunately one of the limitations of Revit LT is that it does not recognize addins of any kind. Because of this most of our products can not be used with Revit LT; the one exception being the Keynote Manager Standalone Application. Because the standalone application edits the text files directly and runs as a standalone Windows program it doesn’t need Revit to be able to load it to work.

Can I deploy settings and/or licensing information to user machines?

Yes! Revolution Design software is designed to be easy for BIM maanagers to manage and deploy to users. For detailed instructions see the deployment page.

How do I uninstall the software?

All Revolution Design software can be uninstalled simply by going to Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs and uninstalling.

I’m getting an error on startup.

While there can be many reasons that there would be errors on startup, the most common cause in our experience is a version conflict between different Revolution Design addins. We’ll spare you the technical details, but because of how Revit and .NET technology work, different addins that use the same code libraries can cause a conflict, so if you have an old version of Keynote Manager and a new version of workFlow or vice versa there may be a conflict over the shared code libraries. Try updating to the latest build of any RD software title you have installed and the error will usually clear up.

Is my purchase a one time cost or annual subscription?

Your initial purchase is for a permanent license, you can use the purchased version forever at no additional charge. Your purchase also comes with 12 months of automatic subscription at no additional charge. After the 12 months expire you can choose to renew your subscription to continue getting updated versions, support for new Revit versions, etc. or you can let it lapse and remain on the version you currently have.

What if I still have projects on an older version of Revit?

If you still need to support older versions of Revit for project work (i.e. 2013 when we support 2014 through 2016) we make older installer versions available to you, covered under your subscription. You can find all the older version installers here.

What is the annual subscription cost?

Subscription cost is calculated as 65% of the full purchase cost of the software at the time of renewal. So if a software costs $100 the annual renewal cost is $65.

What Revit versions do you support?

Our rule is to support the 4 most recent releases of Revit, so if Revit 2018 is the latest, we support Revit 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. When a new version of Revit comes out we support it within 30 days maximum, usually less.

Keynote Manager

How do I share keynote cloud projects with another firm?

There are two methods we have seen for sharing keynote projects between firms, both have advantages and disadvantages depending on how you want to set up your projects and contracts:

  • Separate Companies – This is the preferred method for the majority of situations. In this case, each firm sets up their own company account and pays for their own cloud seats. Whichever firm will be hosting the keynote project (usually the lead firm) will set up the project and invite the other firm to join it, either as a company or as individuals. This has the advantage that payment for cloud seats is for each independent firm and handled internally. It also has the advantage that the host firm can invite the other firm to join only one project instead of all projects for that firm.
  • Cloud Account “Loans” – In this case, the primary firm puchases enough seats to cover its own users as well as the other company users for the duration of the project. Then the primary company simply creates user accounts (with desired permissions) for the other company users under their company account and sends the login information to the other company. When the project is complete, the primary company can remove the login accounts for the other company and use those seats for internal use, another contracted company, or simply let them lapse. This has the advantage of requiring only one purchase and does not require an invite/accept. However it has the disadvantage that other company accounts are seen as part of the current company so they can see ALL projects for the company. However in some work situations this may aleviate some ‘red tape’.
Why do I get a popup about ‘Could not Reload’ when working with multiple people?
  • This popup is not an error but a warning related to a Revit API limitation. Revit sees the keynote file as a single element for worksharing purposes, and reloading the file checks out the element.  This means that when one user reloads the keynote file (either manually or through KM automatic reload) they get worksharing control over the keynote table. When the next users KM sees that the file is changed and tries to reload it into Revit it can’t because the first user still has control and that’s when it gives this popup message. In order to successfully reload the file the first user will need to save to central and relinquish control and the second user will have to reload from central (the same as resolving a worksharing conflict over any other element).
  • Note that this does NOT affect KM reloading in its own interface and does NOT cause any risk of overwriting someone else’s changes. The KM interface will always remain up to date with other users changes when you are in multi-user mode, you just won’t see the new keynotes or changes in the Revit model until the above sync/reload happens.
  • Workaround – One way to deal with this is to turn off the Keynote Watcher function. Keynote Watcher is responsible for reloading the keynotes into Revit when a change happens so turning this off will stop the automatic reload. This means that users will not be checking out the keynote table by editing keynotes so you will not get the worksharing conflict issue. However it also means that your keynotes will not be automatically reloaded in Revit; in order to see the changes in the Revit model you will need to manually reload (at which point you will be checking out the keynote table and other users will not be able to reload until you relinquish).
Why does my file take forever to load in Windows 10?

There was an issue in Windows 10 for earlier builds of Keynote Manager that could cause files to take a VERY long time to render the user interface. This has now been fixed; simply update to the latest build and load times should be back to normal.

Why doesn’t Keynote Manager show up in Revit after I install?
  • The most likely cause is that you have installed the wrong Keynote Manager application. Keynote Manager is available as a standalone application and a Revit integrated application; the standalone runs as a standard Windows program and has no direct connection with Revit where the Revit integrated application runs inside of Revit. Because of this the standalone application will create a start menu shortcut but will not show up inside of the Revit UI; the Revit integrated version will show up inside of Revit but will not create a start menu shortcut.
  • It is also possible that you have a version of Revit that is not supported. Revit LT does not support external commands so if you are running Revit LT the Revit integrated version will not work. Also if you are running a version that is older than the supported versions (see here) the application will no longer show up. Note that in either of these cases the standalone application will still work fine. If you are using an unsupported version of Revit then the standalone application may better serve your needs.
Why doesn’t Keynote Manager show up in the start menu after I install?

You probably have installed the Revit Integrated version when you want the standalone version. See this topic for more information.


Can I use my license on multiple computers?

The portable license type is designed to be moved from one machine to another easily. If you would like to use a single license on multiple computers (i.e. a workstation and a laptop) you will need a portable license.

How do I see who has a portable license checked out from the license pool?

You can download the free license utility from the utility page. Install this free utility and enter your license key when it starts up. The utility will tell you general information about your license as well as the machines that have licenses checked out.

How do I set up a portable license? Is there a server component?
  • Setting up a portable license is easy, just activate with your license key and you are done! The license is managed in the cloud and your key is the connection to the license pool so there is no server component to install or manage. This also means that you can use the license anywhere you have an internet connection, not just in the office!.
  • Note that if you are installing to many machines you will need to return the license on one machine (either by manually returning or by shutting down Revit depending on your settings) before moving to the next machine otherwise you will start to get ‘no more licenses available’ messages once you get to your max number of licenses. As an alternative, you can deploy the key directly to user machines without actually activating the license.
My machine crashed or was retired, how can I get my standalone license to my new machine?

In cases like this you can contact Revolution Design directly through the contact page and request a release. Note that releasing the license from the old machine may take up to 3 business days but once released it will be available for the new machine.

When does my portable license check out and when does it return?

By default, portable licenses are checked out when Revit is started and returned when Revit is shut down. However, all programs have options in settings to not check out licenses until a command is activated; change to these options to avoid having a license checked out at startup. Note the following program specific information as well:

  • For Keynote Manager, make sure you uncheck both ‘Watcher on at startup’ and ‘Palette on at startup’ settings as well. Since these are both Keynote Manager commands they will still take a license at Revit startup if these settings are on.
  • For workFlow please note that the autoLink function requires constant background monitoring of the links. Because of this autoLink must be started at Revit startup and will therefore take a license. Revit workFlow with autoLink can not effectively be set to ‘first command’ licensing, sorry for the inconvenience.

Revit workFlow

What happens to autoLinks when someone doesn’t have autoLink loaded and works on my project?

autoLink stores data in the background of model elements and uses that data to update standard Revit elements (parameters and text notes). Because of that, when someone without autoLink (or without a license) opens the model, their Revit will just see those elements as the standard Revit elements they are (text or family instances with parameters, etc.). Their Revit has no way of interpreting the background data, so the links will not update automatically without autoLink installed, but nothing will break. When you get the project back, the necessary data is still there, so if they have changed a view number that is referenced by autoLink it will update on your machine properly. While it is always recommended to have autoLink installed on all machines on a project, this is not always possible and autoLink will continue to function in such situations.

Why do I get a popup about ‘The text…appears to be a link but the view could not be found’?

autoLink uses text patterns to recognize view links embedded within text; these patterns are set in the autoLink settings dialog. Patterns must be able to recognize links, but too generic of a pattern will recognize text that is not necessarily a link. For example a pattern of ‘*********#/#*********’ may match links, but it will also match any text with 1-10 characters, followed by a slash, and then 1-10 characters again. This pattern would also match fractions such as 1/4 or 1/16 and text like ‘Interior/Exterior’ and may create many false positives. While these false positives are not harmful, they do create the popup messages and can get annoying.

  • The best remedy if you are getting these popups is to be as specific as possible with your text pattern. If your detail numbers are always either 1 or two characters use ‘*#’ instead of ‘**********#’. If you always number your sheets with 2 characters and then a dot and 1-3 other characters use ‘##!.#**’ (note the exclamation point makes the dot required).