Proper training is the key to using any software effectively and efficiently.

By providing your staff with the proper training, you will equip them to make the best use of your company’s software investment and put you a step above the competition.

BIM is a paradigm shift in the building industry.

As such, training for a BIM implementation should not be confined only to the production staff.  While they may not use the software regularly, project managers and higher level staff need to know the systems to be able to effectively utilize their workforce.  Revolution Design offers shorter courses for managers focused not on production techniques, but on effectively managing staff and projects using BIM systems.

Effective training should be led by someone who knows not only the software, but the processes that it will be used for.

As a licensed architect, and as someone who has used Revit day in and day out since 2002, I am very familiar with how the software is used in a real design and construction environment rather than just a theoretical environment.  I am aware of where Revit shines, where it leaves something to be desired, and how to use it most effectively to complete projects.  Throughout my career I have used BIM from both a production role and a project architect / project manager role, so I understand both roles and can help both work most effectively together.

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