High quality content is vital.
As the old saying goes; junk in = junk out
BIM content is no different.

Using a model to it’s fullest extent requires high quality Revit families.  BIM is Building Information Modelling, so a quality Revit family should not only be visually correct but should contain the information necessary for the item to be properly scheduled, counted, and analyzed.

High quality content can help your product get specified on the next job.

As a manufacturer, you know that the design team and the owner are ultimately responsible for getting your  product purchased and put on a job.  With more owners requiring BIM and more design firms moving that way every day, it is becoming more and more important for manufacturers to have BIM content available to designers.  Having BIM content on your website lets your sales reps answer a confident “yes” when designers ask what is becoming an inevitable question.  And good quality content will keep them coming back again and again.