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License Type Comparison

  Standalone License Portable License
HelpSingle Dialog Activation Yes Yes
HelpMove License(s) Between Computers   Yes
HelpInternet Connection Required For Checkout / Return   Yes
HelpCan be Used Offline Yes Yes
HelpCheck Out or Return a License From Anywhere   Yes








Portable licenses require only an internet connection for license checkout and return. Therefore you can check out a license in the office, take your laptop (with license) on a plane to another city and return it when you get there.
Portable licenses are stored on the local machine until returned to the online database. Because of this they do not need constant connection to the database and can be used while disconnected and returned later when connection is available again.
Portable licenses are stored in a database on the Revolution Design license server. Because of this, machines working with portable licenses must be able to connect with the Revolution Design server to check out and return licenses. However licenses may be checked out, taken off line, and checked back in at another time when connection is available.
Standalone licenses are activated on a single machine and are locked to that machine from that point on. It is possible to move these licenses in the case of a new hard drive, etc. but requires contacting Revolution Design for manual release and may take several days to complete.

Portable license types allow the user to release licenses at will to be used by another user.
These license types allow a very simple 'enter your activation key and go' license interface.